Thursday, October 17, 2013

the ketchup test

Earlier this week I received my first (of many) order of Sir Kensington's gourmet ketchup.  How is it that I'm just getting around to diving into this cute little jar of pure tomato goodness?  I couldn't wait to taste the classic version, so I used a spoon for immediate satisfaction.  To compare the classic version to the spiced (notice it's not spicy), I went to my favorite ketchup pairing - the roasted potato wedge.
My husband pitched, and we both enjoyed a very in depth, and very filling, taste test of the 2 varieties.
As you can see, we almost finished the jar of classic ketchup, which also happened to be my personal favorite.  The taste of vine-ripened tomatoes combined with quality ingredients, including apple cider vinegar and brown sugar, is absolutely divine. The spiced version has whispers of a delicate bbq sauce.  I cannot say enough about this condiment!  Sir Kensington's website is also not to be missed.  Besides ordering these little jars of tomato perfection, one will enjoy perusing for its wit and charm. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

what's old is new.... Rice Krispie Treats

I'm baaaaack.....unfortunately this isn't the greatest picture to headline my return to blogging, but trust me,  this is good.   When is the last time you had a homemade rice krispy treat? 

This recipe has inspired me to blog again, how's that for a plug.  I made these for a dinner party last weekend, and they were such a hit, that (after a little tweaking) I couldn't wait to share. They're  a grown-up version of a childhood favorite, with a bit of added heat, and a smidge of salt to counter the sugary sweet marshmallows. I hope you'll love them.

As an added bonus, these are gluten and dairy free!