Sunday, November 10, 2013

put the lime in the butternut.

behold the butternut
There's no putting it off any longer.  It's soup season my friends, and there is no better ( or easier) soup for a cozy fall meal, than Butternut Squash Soup.  There are so many variations on this recipe, and everyone has their own preference. In order to qualify as a bisque, the soup must include cream and butter. Some versions are as sweet as pie filling, while others can taste bland and just plain "squashy".  I've been fiddling with this recipe for several years now, and I think it's finally "just right".  The secret ingredient is 1 dried lime.
dried limes
I was introduced to dried limes, also known as black limes,  4 years ago, while shopping at a Middle Eastern market.  These limes have been a staple in Persian and Middle Eastern Foods for centuries,  but they do not overpower in any sort of "ethnic" sense.  They add a sweet, tangy,  slightly fermented element to what tends to be a fairly simple soup.  Similar to adding sour cream as a garnish, but with much deeper flavors.

The most difficult part of this recipe is preparing the squash. Butternut squash is has a very thick skin, which needs to be peeled.  I use a standard vegetable peeler, and add a glass of wine ( for me) as good measure.   Once you've peeled the skin,  just chop it up into rough cubes and that's it.  The hardest part is over.

simmer simmer simmer

immersion blender