Saturday, February 22, 2014

a little mug here, a little mug there...

this morning's mug by Royal Copenhagen -photo by Butter and Figs
On Saturday mornings I always look forward to the "Off Duty" section of the WSJ's weekend edition.  It's a perfect mix of food, travel, fashion, always with a good dose of miscellany.   The food makes me hungry, and the fashion even better.  One of the blurbs that caught my eye this morning - as a I sat sipping coffee from my little mug -was about, LITTLE MUGS!
photo from +The Wall Street Journal 
It's a great article, and I encourage you to read it here.  It's absolutely true that a smaller cup of coffee tastes better, and feels more social, and you're never left slurping a mouthful of cold coffee from the bottom of your cup. It feels better in your hand, and is a good excuse to keep the french press close.
But I must say, I was surprised that they left out one of my favorite purveyors (of everything), Royal Copenhagen - who has been making an annual version of the little mug for decades. 
i should be better about collecting-photo by Butter and Figs
Every year at Christmas, they release a new design, by a Danish artist, for the forthcoming year. The timing is of course impeccable , as they make for excellent gifts.  Although I can't say that I'm enamoured with 2014's version.  

Royal Copenhagen 2014

According to their website, "The motif of the 2014 mug is graphically simple and at the same time dramatically expressive - twilight on the moor - the last rays of sunlight bathe the landscape in shaded beauty. With great intensity the artist Dag Samsund has created a unique mug for the Royal Copenhagen collection.".

Incidentally, I think 2013's mug is gorgeous.
Royal Copenhagen 2013

 You can also find them on etsy from time to time.
Royal Copenhagen 1969 - Etsy

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