Friday, February 21, 2014

vacations are never long enough....

Alas, I was remiss in sharing any photos from our recent trip, on the blog.  There was a bit of activity on Instagram, and Twitter, but I tend to get caught up in moments, and forget to record them for posterity's sake.  I should be better,  but in the meantime here are just a few snaps from last week. 
everything must be screened for security puposes!
i can't think of a better way to start my morning, than with an americano, at Cafe Bouloud!
poolside at our favorite Brazilian Court Hotel - it's private and quiet, a perfect retreat from the hype one may find at other resorts on the island
Mr. Butter, by the pool, with the journal +The Wall Street Journal 
the Polo Hall of Fame:  Annual Awards gala
a nightcap, and a game of checkers
The Outback Challenge +International Polo Club Palm Beach, a match to benefit the Polo Player Support Foundation
my lovely sister and her beau joined us for the day
there's always something to do on the island
but lounging around barefoot is the best way to relax
the very best cobb salad is also found at Cafe Bouloud

the mr. and me
Never enough - Sunday Polo +International Polo Club Palm Beach 

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