Wednesday, February 26, 2014

an informal "french style" dinner - tonight's menu

not this.....
more this....(for tonight at least)
In general, I prefer cocktail hour to be quite informal. It's a chance to relax, without worrying about conversing in the midst of a meal.  I usually offer a martini, a lillet, or maybe even champagne.  Of course, some prefer to start with wine, and that's fine too.


"french kisses"
armagnac soaked prunes, stuffed with fois gras

armagnac chicken, roasted with fingerling potatoes and shallots
haricot verts sautéed in butter 

Roquerfort, St Angel triple creme, and Pyranees goat's milk
 medjool dates, and clementine oranges
...more red wine...

warm madeleines 
espresso, and/or calvados


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