Monday, March 17, 2014

"il faut cultiver notre jardin"

"You have to cultivate your garden" -  Voltaire

I had such a wonderful time at my first gardening class this past Saturday.  What a wonderful group of people, all with different stories and from different "gardening backgrounds".  Our hosts,  Craig and Sarah Cyr of the Wine Cellar and Bistro were absolutely gracious.  We also have a wonderful teacher, woman named Liberty, from the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CCUA). After spending a few hours tilling, and hoe'ing, and weeding, we shared a gorgeous lunch, prepared by Craig.  The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was such a beautiful day to be outside, get our hands dirty, and meet new friends.  I'm already looking forward to next month's class.  In the meantime,  I promise to have a new recipe for you this week. It's been a while!

lots of work to do
the hoop house, full of chicory weed
hoe down
seeds, in a lovely little wine box #opus
seeds, seeds, seeds

gathering baskets
gathering for lunch
Grüner Veltliner 
irish cheeses
lunch is served
Sarah presents the wine


  1. I've been inspired to start cultivating my green thumb as well as my palate for wine pairings! Keep sharing your adventures and lovely photos in and outside of the kitchen Julia!

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