Friday, March 7, 2014

it's #foodtruckfriday, Chef the Film.

Casey's Pizza Truck, San Fracisco, image courtesy of Bay Zest
Pig Out, Miami, image courtesy of Phil Pessar
Ozark Mountain Biscuit, Columbia, Mo
Over the past few years Food Trucks have exploded onto the food scene. The come in all shapes and sizes, and the food options are endless. When I first started working in the city, (but was too poor to live in the city) I caught the commuter train every morning at 7am. Every morning, my fellow commuters and I were greeted by a pick-up truck with a cantena of sorts in the truck bed.  The guy who owned it would pop open the side of this thing and sell hot coffee, cold muffins in plastic wrap, and egg sandwiches on a good day.  I'm not sure if he had a permit, or if this was literally a mom (at home making the muffins) and pop (driving the truck to the train station) operation, but I know it was a lifesaver on many a morning.
the old school - "Roach Coach", image courtsey of
Nowadays, the best way to find the closest food truck is via Facebook, or Twitter. I already know where the Ozark Mountain Biscuit Truck will be today at 11am! They're on the move, and they're everywhere.

So here's the REALLY exciting news,  Jon Favreau has written, directed, and is starring in a upcoming film, to be released in May.  "Chef is the story of Carl Casper, who loses his chef job and cooks up a FOOD TRUCK business in hopes of reestablishing his artistic promise and family."  It stars a fairly heaving hitting cast.  And, in true food truck form,  you'll have to follow the film on twitter to get the latest news!
Chef the Film

photo by Jon Favreau via whosay

instruction from Chef Roi Choi - food truck MASTER! photo by Jon Favreau
And if that isn't enough for you, Gwyneth just posted this picture in her Goop Scrapbook of Jon Favreau cooking along with Roy Choi,  with the caption, "Holy $***! Roy Choi is in my kitchen...with Jon Favreau." Yes , it's true. I would have given an appendage to be in that kitchen. ah. well. 
image courtesy of
I could, and should, write an entire post, perhaps an entire blog dedicated to Chef Roi Choi, who's twitter handle is appropriately, @ridingshotgunla . Roi Choi was the first food truck operator to be named one of the top ten "Best New Chefs" of 2010 by Food and Wine magazine.
Choi grew up in LA, and went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) . He gained experience as a chef at Le Bernardin in New York City, Embassy Suites in Lake Tahoe, The Beverly Hilton and the Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen in Los Angeles. 

The original food truck came on the scene in the mid 1800's. Better known as a Chuck Wagon, it was a necessity on long cattle drives.  Rancher, and cattleman, Charles Goodnight is credited with the first chuck wagon.
Charles Goodnight
Mr. Goodnight would certainly be impressed with how far the chuck wagon has come.
Let's not forget that The Food Network is ALSO in on the action, and is now in their fourth season of The Great Food Truck Race, hosted by Tyler Florence. It starts with eight teams, and..."Each week, the teams will roll into a new city and spend a frantic weekend cooking and selling, scheming and strategizing. The last team standing wins $50,000 and their food truck — a business that will change their lives forever."
Click HERE for more photos and videos! 

Now go get your lunch from a truck! 


  1. I agree about food trucks. Love them. One good place to find them is along the green on the main street of Brunswick, Maine.

    1. i love it! Will have to check them out next time i'm there. thank you for the tip!

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