Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a new cookbook from Ina Garten!

Some of my favorite cookbooks come from beautiful kitchen of Ina Garten.  Also known as "The Barefoot Contessa",  Mrs. Garten worked in the White House as a nuclear policy analyst before purchasing the Barefoot Contessa, a food specialty store in East Hampton, in 1978.  Her store was wildly successful, but in 1996 Ina sold the shop to two employees.  In 1999 she published her first cookbook,  The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, and this latest publication will be her eighth title. Mrs. Garten's cookbooks are beautifully organized by courses, and the photographs are just scrumptious.  I recommend that everyone own at least one of these cookbooks, if not the entire collection! I've learned so much from reading her books - from the temperature for roasting a chicken, to her recommendations for keeping a proper kitchen. You can also follow Ina's blog on the Barefoot Contessa Website.  She continues to inspire, whether in the kitchen or through her culinary finds.

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