Monday, October 8, 2012

if you don't already.....

image courtesy of Garden and Gun
If you don't already subscribe to Garden and Gun,  I suggest that you at least check out their website.  The latest edition focuses on the best Southern Foods - as you can see from the image above.  I would give my right arm for that biscuit right about now. 

I also receive email updates from their publication and last week they featured "Not so Secret Suppers".  This sounds absolutely fascinating, and I'm seriously considering attending one of these events in New York City.   In 2005, Damien Schaefer began hosting what he called "Secret Suppers"  in Athens, Georgia.  According to legend, these suppers were attended by a secret list of invitees who sought out cutting edge culinary experiences.   Fortunately for the rest of us,  Mr. Schaefer is now making his famed supper parties available to the general public. 
For more information go to their website, Public Domain.
Image courtesy of Garden and Gun
Continue reading below to see the menu from their inaugural Public Domain dinner.


Cured Beeliner Snapper w/ Pickled Cucumber, Field Peas, Cherry Tomato,
Sesame Creme Fraiche
w/ Louis de Grenelle, Cremant de Loire Platine, FR NV

Chilled Peach & Tomato Soup w/ Kevin’s Bacon, Pickled Peach, Serrano Pepper,
Basil Flowers
w/ Reuscher-Haart, Riesling Spatlese, DE ‘10

Keegan-Filion Chicken w/ Chorizo, Celery Salad, Roasted Carrot, Pickled Cippolini,
Brown Butter Vinaigrette
w/ Clos Lojen, D.O. Manchuela, ES ‘09

Grass Fed Beef Cheeks w/ Summer Farro Salad, Peperonata,
w/ Chehalem, Pinot Noir, US ’09

Marshmallow’d Goat-Cheesecake w/ Blueberry, Sea Salt Ganache, Marcona Almonds,
Graham Crumble

Enjoy your morning while I desperately try to find myself a biscuit!
Image courtesy of Garden and Gun

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