Wednesday, October 3, 2012


These are the most delicious ( and ADDICTIVE ) potato chips I've ever had. Ina Garten once said that she will often serve potato chips and champagne as an appetizer. If you choose to follow her lead, these are the chips. I grew up on Cape Cod w/ Cape Cod Potato Chips - ( Ina's favorites )- but, these are better! Stay tuned for my take on
April Bloomfield's Cauliflower and Anchovie Orecchiette.


  1. Hm love a good potato chip review! I wandered past your alley the other day and thought of all the wonderful hospitality you showed Advent folks over the years. blessed memories.

    1. I miss that little alley! You know my sister just moved a block over from my old place. She's working at Beth I as a nurse!