Wednesday, October 10, 2012

coffee and tea

 I'm still not feeling quite right, and have consequently slurped down quite a bit of hot tea over the last few days.  It's important to always have a generous supply of coffee and tea, as well as the necessary accoutrements, on hand. Regular and decaffeinated are two obvious options,  but tea can be tricky.  There are white teas, black teas, green teas, as well as flowers (just to scratch the surface).  I prefer to have at least these 4 options for my guests.  I even have a few instant iced tea packets on hand for an emergency.  A friend of mine was recently in China and she brought back some lovely teas that I keep in a tin to preserve the freshness.

Coffee is a bit more simple and one can usually get away with regular and decaf.  I prefer a dark roasted bean, and it's very easy to add a splash of hot water if the coffee is too strong.  I also keep a tin of Cafe du Monde's Coffee and Chicory.  It's a New Orleans favorite and I love the nutty taste, especially to cut through sweets (like a breakfast beignete !).

Of course it's helpful to keep sugar, sweetners, a cream pitcher, a thermos, your french press, and of course mugs, all within reach.  I even like to have a toast rack nearby for a quick breakfast tray.  As you can imagine, this cabinet is my first stop in the morning!

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